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Provocation as Leadership

A Roadmap for Adaptation and Change


Provocation as Leadership puts forward a blueprint for people who, using provocation, want to ignite change and help their organisations, groups or communities break through to a better future.

In its foreword, Marty Linsky describes Provocation as Leadership as “offering the next steps in AL by providing a thorough set of guidelines and practices for creating and managing disequilibrium”.


To create deep change, you have to disturb people, or at least risk doing so. Shaking people out of their comfort zones not only generates the possibility of change but also elicits new information and brings out hidden resources that people need to navigate unfamiliar waters. Nevertheless, provoking without antagonising or shutting people down and tolerating their pushback are complex challenges, requiring skill and will.


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Maxime and Fern (M.Ed.) and Michael Johnstone, (PhD) co-founders of Vantage Point Consulting, are Adaptive Leaderships practitioners, educators, coaches, and authors, who worked at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky for over 15 years. Previously trained as systems family therapists, and working as leadership consultants, they helped move the frameworks and practices of Adaptive Leadership (AL) out of academia and into boardrooms and classrooms around the world. 

In addition to training, coaching, and mentoring many of the leading AL teachers and consultants in the USA, UK and Australia, they write practice guides, handbooks and articles on how to apply AL and its various pedagogies into leadership education, coaching and consulting. For example, theirs was the first published paper on how to learn and utilise Case in Point facilitation methods. They also designed and delivered the first Case in Point master classes. 

Michael and Maxime are both Members of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPs), Certified Management Consultants (CMC) and Members of the Australian Institute of Management Consultants (MIMC). They live in both Australia and Italy.

About the Authors


"This is a timely written book given the appalling lack of leadership in the world today."

Dean Williams, President, Thinking Heads Global

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